Deosulf® Sulphur Preparations

Dispergum Zinkseiten

Deosulf sulphur preparations are dust free and enable uniform dispersion. No agglomerations occur, local overcure is avoided and, consequently, vulcanizates with excellent ageing properties are obtained.

Grade Active substance [%] BfR FDR 1 phr sulphur corresponds to [phr] Literature
Deosulf L 95 99.5 (soluble S) + + 1.0 Kontakt 43
Deosulf U 60 53.0 (insoluble S)
7.0 (soluble S)
- + 1.67

Deosulf L 95

Deosulf L 95 contains 0.5% organic dispergator. This sulphur preparation is ready to be incorporated and can be uniformly dispersed. No local overcure appears and thus vulcanisates with excellent ageing properties are obtained.

Deosulf U 60

osulf U 60 enables insoluble sulphur to be incorporated into rubber perfectly. The protection against scorch is improved and the danger of sulphur bloom in the uncured compound is reduced.


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