Deovulc® Activators

Dispergum Zinkseiten
Grade Product form Active substance [%] BfR FDA Dosage [phr]
Activator for NR
Deovulc ZO clear liquid, high viscosity 100 - - 1 – 4
Deovulc ZO DL white powder 67 - - 2 – 5
Activator for FKM
Deovulc OH white powder 96 + + 3 – 6
Activator for halogenated polymer
Deomag 70 grey granules 70 - + 4 – 10

Deovulc ZO

Deovulc ZO is a Zinc-2-ethylhexanoate and acts as an activator for the vulcanization of natural rubber. The high solubility of Deovulc ZO often provides higher cross-linking density, which leads to improved compression set and dynamic properties. It is possible to partially replace the stearic acid with Deovulc ZO, e.g. in order to avoid blooming.

Deovulc ZO-DL

Deovulc ZO DL is a 67% dry liquid form of Deovulc ZO.

Deovulc OH

Deovulc OH

Deovulc OH is a particularly fine calcium hydroxide, which acts as an acid scavenger and cross-linking activator in fluoroelastomer-based compounds.

Deomag 70


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