For more than a century, the word factice has been associated with the DOG company. Factice has been developed and produced At the DOG plant in Hamburg since the company was founded in 1902. DOG is today the world’s largest factice producer and offers a wide range of different factice grades to meet our customers’ requirements. In modern rubber production, factice is used as a special process additive in order to improve factors such as the dimensional stability or haptics.

The use of different native oils – like rapeseed or castor oil – and various kinds of crosslinking (e.g. Sulphur, Peroxide), as well as specially adapted processing parameters, have led to a range of unique products which are used in nearly all polymers.

Advantages and effects of factice in rubber compounds:

  • Improved mixing process
  • Lower energy-consumption due to reduced mixing temperature
  • Faster plasticiser absorption and better plasticiser retention
  • Improved surface quality and higher extrusion speed
  • Optimized degassing and prevention of air bubbles
  • Reduced cold flow
  • Improved dimensional stability during extrusion
  • Easier handling of soft, raw compounds
  • Fewer variations during the compound mixing
  • Enhanced dimensional stability in both preforms and final articles
  • Improved surface properties
  • Easier and more precise grinding behaviour
  • Improved dynamic tear resistance (de Mattia)


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