Deolink® Silane Preperations on Polymer / Wax Carrier Systems

Deolink silane preparations have carrier systems that are specifically developed for each silane grade; these consist of either polymer/wax systems or pure polymer systems. Deolink silane preparations are easy to handle, enabling them to be used in open mill mixing as well in in continuous mixing processes. The polymer carrier system protects the silane from ambient moisture. The carrier systems are inert and don’t show any agglomerates.

Deolink silane preparations that contain 50% silane on polymer/ wax systems offer the following advantages over liquid or inorganic carriers:

  • Strong protection against humidity
  • Excellent dispersion and dosage
  • Easy incorporation without spots
  • Prolonged storage stability without loss of activity
  • Complete use of opened packages, without loss of material
Grade Active substance [%] Dropping point [°C] Total sulphur [%] BfR FDA Dosage [phf]* Literature
Deolink TESPT 50 72 ± 5 11.5 ± 1.5 - - 2 – 16 DOG-Kontakt 39
Deolink MX 50 104 ± 7 4.3 ± 0.5 - - 1 – 8 DOG-Kontakt 39,
DOG Laboratory Exposé 10
Deolink Vinyl 50 72 ± 5 - + - 1 – 6 DOG-Kontakt 39,
DOG Laboratory Exposé 8, 9
Deolink VO 50 75 ± 5 - + - 1 – 6 DOG Lab. Report 4532
Deolink Amino TE 45 DL 45 - 11,5 ± 1,5 - - 2-6
*Dosage [phf]: parts per hundred filler

Deolink TESPT

Deolink TESPT Bis[(triethoxysilylpropyl)tetrasulfane] is used to improve the physical properties of sulphur-cured compounds, as well as to establish the chemical link between rubber and silica, or other active white fillers. Mechanical properties, e.g. modulus, compression set, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance can be significantly improved by using Deolink TESPT.

Deolink MX

Deolink MX is a 50% preparation of Thiocarboxylsilane on a polymer carrier system. The bifunctional sulphur silane is compatible with all elastomers that are suitable for sulphur vulcanization. Deolink MX can be used over a broad temperature range and is – at low dumping temperatures – often more active than conventional TESPT. Deolink MX contains a hindered mercapto group and can be used as an alternative to conventional mercaptosilanes. The protective group is removed during processing, thus releasing the mercaptosilane. Using Deolink MX improves the processing by creating higher scorch safety and preventing the typical mercapto odour. The improved processing leads to higher injection volumes and safer processing.

Deolink Vinyl

Deolink Vinyl [Tris(2-methoxyethoxy)vinylsilan] is a silane preparation used for peroxide crosslining, also containing over 50% active agents. By chemically linking the filler to the elastomer, better physical values (such as the compression set) can be achieved.

Deolink VO

While using Deolink VO, the improvement in the physical properties is more pronounced than with Deolink VH. Neither Deolink VO nor Deolink VH develop toxic methoxyethanol during processing.

Deolink Amino TE 45 DL

Deolink Amino TE 45 DL is a 45 % preparation of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane on a mineral filler. Deolink Amino TE 45 DL is an organofunctional coupling agent that provides a chemical link between organic polymer and inorganic substrates or fillers. Deolink Amino TE 45 DL is compatible with various polymers and the powder form enables easy incorporation.


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