D.O.GUM – A Comprehensive Range of Efficient Rubber Additives

Since 1902, DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik has been producing and selling additives for the rubber industry. As a result of our long-lasting partnerships with customers worldwide, we have developed a comprehensive range of additives that contains a wide variety of Factice, Processing Additives, Vulcanisation Chemicals, and other Specialities.

Sulphur and phosphorous chemistry, production of Esters and Soaps, Dry Liquids and Preparations – all of these processes are based on our production know-how, centred at our headquarters in Hamburg and – as of the end of 2012 – also located at our second site in Marschacht, about 35km East of Hamburg.

Our focus is not only production and distribution, we are also a partner for our customers when dealing with technical matters, such as the development of specific recipes and optimizing processes. Our customers, in more than 80 countries worldwide, benefit from our local distribution networks as well as from the expertise of our experienced rubber technologists in Hamburg.

Optimizing and extending our product range, in close contact with our customers, is a major focus of our business. In our laboratories, we work on solving problem for our customers and we do not ignore minor demands from smaller users.

In the field of the technical rubber products, there is hardly any application where DOG products are not already being used. DOG has been a reliable and innovative partner for manufacturers of technical rubber goods for more than 100 years.

In both the automotive and non-automotive fields – such as building industries, engineering, or domestic goods – DOG additives optimize the recipes for compounders.

DOG sees itself not only as a supplier, but also taking on a consultative role, supporting our customers with their entire range of applications.

To meet these expectations, DOG provides a technical facility where rubber compounds can be produced and tested according to the most commonly specified test methods.

Moreover, our Technical Customer Service can provide you with advice for selecting the product which meets your needs perfectly.


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