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Having almost 20 years of experience with silane chemistry, DOG offers a competitive range of silane products. The product line comprises conventional liquid organofunctional and alkoxy silanes as well as special products such as silane blends, preparations or pre-hydrolyzed modifications.

FamaSil Silane Blends – Innovative combination of organofunctional silanes and functional additives.

FamaSil silane blends are synergistic combinations of organofunctional silanes, additives and possibly catalyst or cross-linker. FamaSil blends are more versatile than conventional coupling agents and provide customized solutions. FamaSil silane blends are multipurpose products that react with a variety of inorganic filler materials and organic polymers. The coupling respectively potential grafting function leads to improved mechanical and electrical properties as well as optimized process characteristic.

Special equipment is necessary in order to produce silane blends safely, and even more so in order to ensure flawless quality. Many silanes are classified as dangerous due to their very low flashpoints and can only be processed in explosion-proof facilities. In any case, it is strictly mandatory to make the production facilities completely inert in order to prevent undesired hydrolyzation and to retain the complete efficacy of the silanes.

At our production site in Marschacht, DOG has the modern production facilities necessary to fulfill these requirements. We produce customized silane blends that are based on our customers' recipes as well as our own know-how. If you are interested in a silane blend tailored to your system, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to starting a dialogue with you.

Deolink-FamaSil Silane Preparation

The carrier systems of our Deolink and FamaSil products are adapted to each silane type or to specific applications. Our dry silanes are either based on a polymer or mineral preparations. The easy handling of or silane preparation reduces the need of expensive dosing pumps for liquid silane materials and enables the use of silanes in systems which do not allow for liquids. Our latest development stage also offers the possibility to receive the FamaSil silane blends in a solid form.


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