EP-Additives / Extreme Pressure Additives

Due to their chemical structure and bonding on the metal surface, EP-additives prevent direct contact between the tool and the work piece, thus avoiding damage from friction welding. At the same time, EP-additives reduce friction between interacting contact surfaces, allowing higher pressure to be applied. In the metalworking industry, light or medium-light coloured and low odour DeoAdd additives are preferred because they minimize the odours which may effect the machine operators. These DOG additives are produced by using hydrogen sulphide and elementary sulphur. In comparison to the conventional, dark sulphur carriers, the light and medium-light coloured DeoAdd additives demonstrate increased oxidation stability and improved solubility in highly paraffinic base oils.

An important criterion for selecting the appropriate EP-additive is its active sulphur content. Products with a low active sulphur content provide excellent high-pressure properties as well as improved antiwear behaviour.

The DeoAdd additives can be used in various industrial lubricants, greases, and metal-cutting oils. In order to achieve an even higher performance, we also recommend combining these with Deophos products and esters, such as polyolester.


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