Xylene resin and liquid resin ester

Product Dynamic viscosity
Gardner Color No. Packaging
Deotack P approx. 630 at 75°C < 2 200 kg Barrel
Deotack LRE approx. 35000 at 25° 4 – 6 200 kg Barrel

Deotack P

Deotack P is a highly viscous xylenol resin (aromatic polyether), miscible with a variety of resins, such as those based on epoxy, alkyd, phenol, acrylic, PU/polyester, and petroleum resins. In paints and other coatings, Deotack P is used for stronger coupling and also at times as a leveling agent. Furthermore, due to its hydrophobic properties, it can significantly improve corrosion resistance and electrical insulation properties. In glues and contact adhesives, Deotack P increases the initial coupling as well as the water resistance. Deotack P is soluble in solvents such as acetone, MEK, butanol, as well as aromatic solvents, however, not in water or isopropyl alcohol.

Deotack LRE

Deotack LRE is a fluid ester resin that is widely compatible with PUs, acrylates, EVAs, thermoplastics, and elastomers. Deotack LRE is a low-odor, polar, tackifying resin and conforms with FDA 175.105. Deotack LRE is utilized in PSA, packaging, floor coatings, contact adhesives, and hot melts.

Deotack LRE is soluble in esters, aliphatic solvents, acetone, or aromatic solvents, however, it is not soluble in water or alcohols.


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