Customized Silane Blends, Silane Specialties, and Resin Emulsion

A wide variety of organofunctional silanes are available on the market, mainly varying according to the alkoxy groups and the organic groups, such as amino groups, vinyl groups, and epoxy groups. The numerous possibilities to combine the organic and inorganic molecular components have led to the wide assortment that we know today.

Silane Blends – Mixing a Variety of Silanes:

Special equipment is necessary in order to produce silane blends safely, and even more so in order to ensure flawless quality. Many silanes are classified as dangerous due to their very low flashpoints and can only be processed in explosion-proof facilities. In any case, it is strictly mandatory to make the production facilities completely inert in order to prevent undesired hydrolyzation and to retain the complete efficacy of the silanes. The corrosiveness of some types of silanes also demands a high degree of durability from the reactors, agitators, and conduit systems.

At our production site in Marschacht, DOG has the modern production facilities necessary to fulfill these requirements. We produce customized silane blends that are based on our customers' recipes as well as our own know-how. If you are interested in a silane blend tailored to your system, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to starting a dialogue with you.

Silane Emulsions and Prehydrolyzed Silanes:

Fast-running processes often require silanes where the first step in the formation of silanol groups has already taken place, thus enabling a fast reaction with the substrate to occur. DOG is capable of manufacturing these kinds of products with various kinds of silanes in a range of concentrations, e.g. Deolink Amino PH-40.

Resin Emulsions:

Numerous resin emulsions, both water-based and solvent-based, can be produced according to customer specifications at our Marschacht site.


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