Portfolio of Deolink® Silanes

Deolink EH Series – Silane blends with enhanced properties

Deolink pre-hydrolyzed – ready-to-use solutions

Having almost 20 years of experience with silane chemistry, DOG offers a competitive range of silane products. The product line comprises conventional liquid organofunctional and alkoxy silanes as well as special products such as silane blends, preparations or pre-hydrolyzed modifications. Our two production facilities in Hamburg and Marschacht are equipped with R&D laboratories and production equipment for high-quality products. One of the major aims is to continuously improve our products in order to match constantly increasing requirements of the industry. Based on own knowledge and competence DOG has developed the Deolink EH product line and pre-hydrolyzed modifications.

Deolink EH is a synergistic combination of a hydrophobing agent and an organofunctional silane. The hydrophobing agent is able to lower critical surface tension of the substrate, enabling an improved wetting. A following catalytic reaction between hydophobing agent and organofunctional silane leads to an interprenetrating network between the organo functional silane and corresponding resin. This provides an outperforming function of the corresponding organofunctional silane.

Deolink Amino PH-40 is pre-hydrolyzed 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane 40% in a methanol-free solution. Deolink Amino PH-40 is a ready-to-use primer and substantially increases adhesion to suitable substrates. Deolink Amino PH-40 is a versatile primer and bonding agent for amino reactive resins.

Deolink TESPT-25 is an aqueous emulsion based on Triethoxytetrasulfane for the pretreatment process of mineral filler. Deolink TESPT-25 enables a homogeneous dispersion of the silane on the surface of mineral filler.

Application of Deolink® Silanes

Integral blending

Adding silanes as an integral part of the formulation is widely used in the industry due to an easy and cost efficient handling. Silanes are often added in small amounts and therefore precise dispersion is essential. A possible way to achieve homogenous dispersion is to prepare a master batch with higher silane concentration or to pre-blend the silane either with the polymer or in a solvent. In a 2-component system the silane might be added to the hardener. Depending on the previously mentioned effect of the pH-value, please consider a possible gelation respectively reduction in pot life.


A very effective way to increase adhesion between polymer and substrate is to apply the silane coupling agent as a primer. For the required hydrolysis, the silane is first diluted in a water-alcohol solution. Afterwards the substrate is dipped, washed or sprayed with the primer. After removing exessive liquid, the substrate should be dried either at room temperature or accelerated at 100–110 °C. A basic formulation for a primer could contain the following ingredients:

Organofunctional silane 2 - 10 %
Distilled water 5 %
Alcohol of choice 85 - 93 %
Acetic acid to adjust a slightly acidic pH-value 0 - 2 %


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