Deogrip® – solvent-based

Product Description Solid Content [%] Particle Size (approx.)
D50 [µm]
Particle Size (approx.)
D90 [µm]
Deogrip Micro S 1005 White gel, in butyl acetate / DMM 30 7 15
Deogrip Micro S 1010 white liquid, medium viscosity, in butyl-acetate 30 10 25
Deogrip Micro S 1011 White gel, in butyl acetate 30 9 20
Deogrip Micro S 1020 white liquid, medium viscosity, in DPM 30 12 25
Deogrip Micro S 1030 white liquid, medium viscosity, in DMM 30 10 25

Deogrip Micro S grades are excellent matting agents, achieving a very constant and silky matt surface. In comparison to other silica based additives, Deogrip Micro S grades completely avoid brightening, clouds or sedimentation. They enable satin-like surfaces in combination with pleasant surface feeling and excellent mar resistance. Deogrip Micro S grades are compatible with the common binder systems. A remarkable soft touch is obtained by either adding higher concentrations or in combination with other soft touch additives.

Deogrip Micro S 1005

Deogrip Micro S 1005 is a low particle size version for applications with low film thickness. Deogrip Micro S 1005 is also equipped with a rheology additive in order to prevent sedimentation during storage.

Deogrip Micro S 1010

For Deogrip Micro S 1010 (former trade name Deogrip Micro S) the solvent used is butyl acetate. Therefore, it is suitable for fast drying systems such as UV-curing and low thickness level lacquers.

Deogrip Micro S 1011

Deogrip Micro S 1011 ist eine Modifikation vom Deogrip Micro S 1010 und enthält ein zusätzliches Rheologieadditiv, sodass auch nach längerer Standzeit kein Absetzen des Feststoffs beobachtet wird.

Deogrip Micro S 1020

Deogrip Micro S 1020 is based on the widely used Dipropylene- Glycol-Methyl-Ether (DPM). This kind of solvent is 100% water-soluble and because of its rather slow evaporation rate, preferred for many applications. Due to its high flash point, Deogrip Micro S 1020 is not classified as a HAZMAT (hazardous material).

Deogrip Micro S 1030

Deogrip Micro S 1030 is based on Dipropylene-Glycol-Dimethyl-Ether(DMM). DMM is known as a low-odor solvent with medium fast evaporation rate and with higher flash point. Additionally DMM does not contain hydroxyl-groups and therefore is excellent suited for PU-systems. Micro S 1030 is not classified as HAZMAT.


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