Deogrip® – solvent-based

Product Description Solid Content [%] Particle Size (approx.)
D50 [µm]
Particle Size (approx.)
D90 [µm]
Deogrip Micro R 1510 Weiße Suspension, mittlere Viskosität, in DPGDA 30 10 25

Deogrip Micro R 1510 is a matting and softtouch additive predominantly for use in 100% UV coating systems. Matting and soft feel effect takes place independently from shrinkage or film thickness.

Deogrip Micro R 1510

Deogrip Micro R 1510 is based on a castor oil polymer, which is finely dispersed in DPGDA (dipropylene glycol diacrylate). The castor oil polymer is characterized by an excellent chemical resistance and good transparency. Furthermore, the polymer is clearly hydrophobic and Deogrip Micro R 1510 is therefore favorable for use in wood coatings.


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