Deogrip® – water-based

Product Description Solid Content [%] Particle Size (approx.)
D50 [µm]
Particle Size (approx.)
D90 [µm]
Deogrip Micro A 2010 white liquid, low viscosity in water 45 10 28

Deogrip Micro A 2010

Deogrip Micro A 2010 is an excellent matting agent which provides homogeneous, silky matt surfaces. Contrary to conventional matting agents such as silica, it does not give problems such as brightening, cloudiness or sedimentation. Deogrip Micro A offers silky surfaces with an excellent mar resistance.

Deogrip Micro A 2010 is compatible with most binder systems. The best soft touch effects are obtained in combination with a suitable base system and higher concentrations of Deogrip. Deogrip Micro A 2010 an A 2020 are completely free of organic solvents and therefore perfectly suited for low VOC formulations.


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