Deocoat®: Silica-based matting agents

Product Product form Surface treatment Particle size (approx.) – d50 [µm]
Deocoat 3412 white powder organic 5.7
Deocoat 3500 white powder organic 6.3
Deocoat 3607 white powder organic 4.8

Silica-based matting agents are an established way to achieve matting effects in coating systems. Our modern Deocoat product line fulfills the requirements of matting surfaces without harming the coating to a greater extent.

Deocoat 3412 / Deocoat 3500

Deocoat 3412 and Deocoat 3500 are fine particle size, surface treated precipitated silica. They are effective matting agents for pigmented as well as non-pigmented systems. Easy dispersion and effective properties over a wide field of application makes them particular suitable as general-purpose matting agents.

Deocoat 3607

Deocoat 3607 is fine particle size, surface treated precipitated silica. Deocoat 3607 is characterized by a fine particle size makes it suitable for thin-film coatings. Deocoat 3607 is applicable in pigmented as well as in non-pigmented systems.

All Deocoat matting agents can be combined with all Deogrip® grades


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