Softtouch Additives, Matting and Antislip Agents: Deogrip®

Castor Oil as the Basis for Deogrip

Castor oil is an environmentally friendly, renewable raw material which is particularly favourable as the basis for an additive, especially considering the current sustainability discussions. First of all, the castor oil is modified and then radically crosslinked. Subsequently, the product is milled in order to obtain the necessary particle sizes required by different coating techniques. For wet coatings, we recommend the ready-to-use dispersions Deogrip Micro.

Deogrip Micro is an excellent matting agent with a myriad of advantages as compared with conventional matting agents such as silica. Deogrip Micro is very easy to disperse and therefore enables very homogenous matting without cloudiness or brightening. The Deogrip castor oil polymer is transparent, heat-stable and solvent-resistant. Furthermore, the product is hydrophobic and therefore has no negative influence with regards to possible water absorption. Its viscoelastic property adds to the film flexibility, which is particularly advantageous for plastic substrates.

Due to the elasticity of the polymer, Deogrip is also an excellent soft touch additive. Deogrip enables a silky smooth surface with solid concentrations of at least 8 – 10 %. Therefore, it is recommended to combine Deogrip with a binder system suitable for soft touch.

Deogrip is fairly chemically inert and therefore may be combined with a broad range of binder systems.

Deogrip WPF – a coarse powder – lends itself to anti-slip applications in thick coatings due to its elastic structure.

The range of Deocoat products includes matting silica particles as well as polymer-based matting and soft touch agents.


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