Deolink Vinyl Silanes

Product Description Packaging
Deolink Vinyl TM-100 Trimethoxyvinylsilane
25 kg Pail
190 kg Drum
Deolink Vinyl TE-100 Triethoxyvinylsilane
25 kg Pail
190 kg Drum
Deolink Vinyl-100 Tris (2-methoxyethoxy)vinylsilane
25 kg Pail
195 kg Drum

Deolink Vinyl TE-100 / TM-100

Deolink Vinyl TE-100 and Deolink Vinyl TM-100 are typically used as coupling agents and cross-linkers for radically cured resins, polyolefins and composites. Furthermore, they improve dispersion and mechanical properties in mineral-filled polymers.

Deolink Vinyl-100

Deolink Vinyl-100 is typically used as a coupling agent in mineral-filled polymers in order to improve mechanical and electrical properties.


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