Deolink Methacrylsilanes

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Product Description Packaging
Deolink EH 276 Modified silane
based on Deolink Methacryl TM-100
25 kg Pail
190 kg Drum
Deolink Methacryl TM-100 Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane / CH2=C(CH3)CO2CH2CH2CH2Si(OCH3)3 25 kg Pail
200 kg Drum

Deolink EH 276

Deolink EH 276 is a synergistic combination of hydrophobing agent and organofunctional silane (Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilan).

Deolink Methacryl TM-100

Deolink Methacryl TM-100 is used as a co-monomer in radical curing systems such as acrylics, polyesters and methacrylates. Deolink Methacryl TM-100 is also an effective coupling agent for unsaturated resins and promotes the reinforcement of thermoplastics and elastomers as well.


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