Deolink Alkoxy Silanes

Product Description Packaging
Deolink Methyl TM-100 Methyltrimethoxysilane
25 kg Pail
190 kg Drum
Deolink Octyl TE-100 Octyltriethoxysilane
CH3(CH2)7 Si(OCH2CH3)3
25 kg Pail
200 kg Drum

Deolink Methyl TM-100

Deolink Methyl TM-100 is mainly used as a hydrophobizing agent for inorganic materials such as mineral fillers, pigments or glass.

Deolink Octyl TE-100

Deolink Octyl TE-100 is an excellent surface modifier that gives hydrophobicity to inorganic substrates. Thereby Deolink Octyl TE-100 improves water repellency of inorganic substrates like concrete. Furthermore Deolink Octyl TE-100 improves compatibility and dispersion of inorganic pigments in organic polymers like PE or PP.


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