Deogrip® – powder

Product Description Solid Content [%] Particle Size (approx.)
D50 [µm]
Particle Size (approx.)
D90 [µm]
Deogrip WPF grinded powder 100 120 500
Deogrip WPF-NT grinded powder 100 35 90

Deogrip® WPF / Deogrip® WPF-NT – Powder

Deogrip WPF-NT can be employed as a matting agent or surface additive in powder coatings.

Due to the particle size, a pre-milling of the material may be necessary.

Typical concentrations are between 5 and 15 %, although there may be some variation for special cases. Depending on the total recipe and processing, anything from a soft, flexible surface to a finely structured surface with more grip may be obtained.

Due to its viscoelastic properties, Deogrip WPF-NT is also an effective shock absorber.

Deogrip WPF-NT is based on renewable resources, adding a further positive aspect with regards to the ongoing sustainability discussion.


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