Wet Coating

Adhesion Promoters as Dry Liquids

Organofunctional silanes are hybrid substances combining a reactive organic group with the inorganic functionality of an alkyl silicate in a single molecule. This special property allows their use as molecular bridges between inorganic materials and organic polymers. Possible inorganic materials include the substrate, fillers or pigments.

Deolink silane preparations contain 50 % of a silane on a polymer or mineral carrier system. Compared to liquid products, they offer the following advantages:

  • Excellent dispersion and dosage
  • Easy incorporation without specks

The polymer carrier systems consist solely of polymers and are adapted to each silane type. The liquid silane is mixed in with the polymer melt, resulting in a product with an excellent protection against hydrolysis with ambient humidity. The mineral preparations enable the use of silanes in systems which do not allow for liquids, such as powder coatings. The powder form is particularly easy to incorporate.

As in wet coatings, the common advantages of silanes in coatings are:

  • Increase of adhesion to the substrate
  • Improved resistance to humidity and chemicals
  • Improved filler dispersion 


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