Processing additives and vulcanization accelerators for the rubber market, additives for lubricants, matting and soft touch for the segment coating and coupling/crosslinking agents for adhesives and sealants

The chemical and technical production competence of DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik covers a large scale of different reactions, reaching from sulphur and phosphorous chemistry to polymers which are based on natural ressources. Also the manufacture of Esters and Soaps, Dry Liquids and Preparations is covered by DOG´s know-how.


Based on those competences, DOG is active in the rubber industry (D.O.GUM) with a variety of Factice grades, Processing Additives and Vulcanization Chemicals. The portfolio is completed by Specialities providing high customer benefits.


In the 90ies a large range of lubricant additives (D.O.ADD) has been developed which represents an important part of our business. Sulphur Carrier, Anti Wear Additives and Corrosion Protection products are in the main focus of our activities.


The latest business line of DOG is D.O.COAT – Additives for the Coating Industry. Our competences regarding silane and silane modifications led to a range of Deolink grades. Furthermore additives for wet paint and powder coatings are offered under the tradename Deogrip.


Organofunctional Deolink Silanes and Resins (D.O.TACK) are essential components for modern adhesive and sealant systems.


For the plastic industry DOG manufactures functional Silan blends . The synergistic combination of filler coupling and polymer grafting is particularly of interest for the cable industry. Beside improved mechanical and/or electrical properties in the final product, the processing behavior of the compound is often also optimized.



Our products can be purchased worldwide via our distribution network, including our technical expertise. It is our pleasure the recommend the most beneficial grade from our comprehensive product range.


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