New Product Range D.O.GUM 2018/19

New Product Range D.O.GUM 2018/19 - Additives for the Rubber Industry

Just in time for the DKT 2018 conference and exhibition in Nuremberg DOG is publishing the new D.O.GUM product range 2018/19 including numerous innovations for the rubber industry.

The product portfolio is extended by oleochemical Processing Additives of the new Deoplast product range which can be used either in rubber or in thermoplastic applications.

Our rating of processing Additives has been extended and optimized. Focus has been a stronger orientation on customer needs and the effects in various kind of rubber.

D.O.GUM highlights can be easily traced from the new product range. Decades of own research have led to a large variation of recommendations, all published in DOG´s technical literature. In the new product range we provide valuable hints for the most remarkable findings.

As an innovation of DOG´s factice range, the new grade WPF-NT with particular small particle sizes is introduced.  Factice WPF-NT is produced by DOG´s new technology and the first grade commercially offered.

Our range of silane preparations has been extended as well. FamaSil grades are blends of organofunctional silanes in combination with synergistic additives and are used in highly filled systems.

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