History of the DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik

The DOG Deutsche Oelfabrik can look back on a company history that has spanned over a century. The company was founded in 1902 by the oil merchant Christian Lindemann Walsoe. The purpose of the company was to create a German production site for factice and become independent from imports. Factice – also known as “oil-rubber” at that time – was increasingly gaining importance in the emerging rubber industry.

In the following years, the production of factice expanded. In 1929 there was a merger with the company “Oelwerk Georg Grandel Augsburg,” resulting in the formation of “Deutsche Oelfabrik Dr. Grandel & Co.”

Surge during the German “Economic Miracle”

After having been severely damaged during the bombing of Hamburg in World War II, the company was rebuilt and business began to boom again in the 1950s with the production of factice during the German “economic miracle.”

Even so, the need to diversify was already clear. In the 1970s and 1980s, the product range of DOG-Chemie was continually expanded. Thus was born a comprehensive portfolio of products for the rubber industry.

Lubricant Additives and the Coating Industry

In the 1990s, DOG-Chemie’s core competencie in sulphuric and phosphoric chemistry were put to use to develop a separate business unit for lubricant additives with the brand name DeoAdd. At the beginning of 2006, “DeoAdd Vertriebsgesellschaft” (formerly “Deograndel”) was integrated into DOG-Chemie.

Similarly, the coating industry strongly came into focus for DOG-Chemie in 2006. With Deolink silane products as well as with the peroxide factice WPF, DOG has put a range of innovative products on the market. DOG’s portfolio for the coating industry will continue to expand in the future.


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