Additives for the Rubber Industry, for Coatings, Lubricants and for Adhesives & Sealants


Rubber Industry
DOG’s successful long-term cooperation with the international rubber industry is demonstrated by our comprehensive product range of additives. DOG is highly redarded as a well-known specialist for highly efficient processing additives, vulcanization chemicals and filler activators for the rubber industry.

Lubricant Industry
DOG’s successful long-term cooperation with the international lubricant industry, as well as our key competencies in sulphur and phosphorus chemistry, have led to the development of a comprehensive product range of lubricant additives. DOG is renowned for being a specialist in the production of highly efficient EP (extreme pressure) additives, AW (antiwear) additives, as well as corrosion-protection additives for the lubricant industry.

Coating Industry
DOG has also developed a range of innovative additives for the coating industry. Silane-based specialities can be used as adhesion promoters or to improve scratch-resistance. Furthermore cross-linked native oils respectively polymers as a matting and as soft touch additives. Based on its expert knowledge in silane chemistry, gained from over a decade of experience and its position as the world's leading producer of cross-linked native oils, DOG has developed an additive range with many major benefits for the coating industry.

Additives for Adhesives & Sealants
DOG offers a large portfolio of silanes for the adhesive & sealant industry. This portfolio contains Amino-, Epoxy and Vinyl Silanes, which are important recipe components for this industry, but also other speciality silanes as well as silane modifications made at DOG´s Marschacht site. The product range for the adhesive & sealant industry is completed by selected tackifying resins.


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